Lend Flare


Lend Flare DAO allows investors to govern our platform together after mainnet is launched. After DAO has deployed, all the power will be transferred to community in other words veLFT holders. Lend Flare DAO will be separated in 2 different stages.

First Stage

All the contract parameters are controlled by a time-lock contract and can be changed by a multi-sig account. Those parameters such as adding pools and changing gauge weight are pre-set by Lend Flare team and cannot be changed before DAO comes out unless emergency happens. Any parameter change will have a 2-day time delay.
Lend Flare team will not choose any factory pools at beginning from Curve and hold against any pools that has potential risks.

Second Stage

Lend Flare DAO will be coming out around June 2022. Rules will be discussed in our Telegram and Discord Group before launching. A potential test will be carried out in test-net. Lend Flare will use Snapshot and hand over all the powers to community.