Lend Flare

Collateralized Asset

Lend Flare stakes borrowers' Curve LP tokens back into Curve via Convex and earn the original interest with the highest boost , ending when borrowers repay borrowed assets .
In addition, Lend Flare does not charge borrowers any commission fee on Convex staking. All interests generated by Curve are given back to borrowers to ensure the maximum profit.

Pool Selection

Lend Flare pool are chosen from Curve pools.
Note that Lend Flare will not choose any factory pools initially due to the safety issues. Actual value of collateralized assets cannot be guaranteed which causes a permanent loss of the total fund.
Note that Curve has a migration function that will allows assets to move to a new pool. Once migration occurs, borrowers will still be able to continue their loans. When the loan has repaid, they will be able to retrieve their old pool LP. However, if the old pool stops giving out interest, Lend Flare will stop either. Also, once migration occurs, Lend Flare will shutdown the pool which will stops any new deposit.

Withdraw Interest

Borrowers can withdraw their interest generated by Convex at any time.
Through Convex staking, borrowers can receive the interest in form of CRV, CVX and the corresponding tokens for each pool.