Lend Flare


Another major update for Lend Flare V2 is the auto-borrowing/leverage on curve LPs for borrowers.
At the moment, a smart strategy for borrowers, is to borrow assets on Lend Flare with curve LP as collateral, then get fresh new curve LP with these borrowed assets, and deposited them again on Lend Flare. This loop can be repeated a number of times, until the maximum loan-to-value is reached.
At the moment, this process is quite time-consuming for users, and gas costs for these multiple transactions are not optimized (and therefore quite high).
Lend Flare V2 aims to solve this problem. Users will have the possibility to leverage their Curve LP positions directly from Lend Flare app, with only one Ethereum transaction.
Leveraged Curve LP positions will share Lend Flare core attributes, i.e no commission fees, high Loan-To-Value and fixed borrow rates.
In V2, only a loop (1.85x leverage) will be automated. More to come in V3.