Lend Flare

Lend on Lend Flare

For Lenders, who deposit USDC/DAI/wBTC/ETH and lend on LendFlare, the main advantages are:
1) Your base yield will be often higher than Compound spot yield.
If your liquidity is not borrowed by other users, your assets remains on Compound, and you're still earning rewards from here, at the compound spot yield.
If your liquidity is borrowed by other users, the borrowing rate will be higher than the Compound borrowing. The reason is that Lend Flare borrowing yield curve is slightly above the one of Compound.
2) Plus an additional yield in LFT, Lend Flare native token For providing liquidity, you get an extra reward in LFT, to incentive funding and participation from lenders. 3) Without commission fees
Lend Flare does not charge users for any management fees of Compound investment in order to ensure the maximum interest of investor assets.
4) With a high financial efficiency (soon)
In V3, it's going to be possible to receive native Lend Flare synthetic assets when supplying liquidity, which will unlock liquidity providers assets.
For more information about the borrow process, please read Liquidity Provider and How to provide liquidity for Lend Flare.