Lend Flare

Why Lend Flare

What is Lend Flare positioning and its contribution to the crypto ecosystem?
Curve and Convex are major DeFi protocols. Their added values to the crypto world are important. Besides, a large amount of funds are deposited on these two protocols and they federate large communities. Lend Flare goal is to be the additional brick of this ecosystem, by increasing financial efficiency when using these two protocols.
What's the added value of Lend Flare for Curve and Convex ecosystem ?
Lendflare main added value is the possibility for Curve LP holders (the borrowers) to draw fixed-rate, fixed term and high LTV loans against Curve LP tokens used as collaterals, with no concerns for assets being liquidated due to price fluctuation. All in all, Curve LP tokens can be used with more flexibility and freedom.
Is Lend Flare a fork of another protocol ?
No, Lend Flare is not a fork of another protocol. Lend Flare has been only developped by Lend Flare core team.
As a user, why should i use Lend Flare ?
For curve LP holders, who deposit their curve LP tokens as collateral on Lend Flare, the main interests are listed here Borrow on Lend Flare.
For Liquidity providers with stablecoins/wBTC/ETH, the main interests to deposit on Lend Flare are listed here Lend on Lend Flare.
Why buy LFT tokens?
Lend Flare token, LFT, has fair tokenomics. The token was launched during a completely public and transparent process. There is no VC and the team only has 3% of the tokens with a vesting of 2 years. Regarding protocol revenue, Lendflare takes a long-term, low-risk approach, which should result in consistent revenue. More information concerning the tokenomics here LFT.